A Creep Supports “Free the Nipple”

Dear Senator,

I cannot commend you enough on your current legislation, but mostly on those pantsuits of yours and how well you fill them out. Anyways, I just wanted to reach out to you because I have become frustrated as of late with this whole “Free the Nipple” campaign (freethenipple.com). I certainly have the right to walk around an occupied playground with no shirt on and I have exercised that right more times than I can count. If it’s fine for me to do that… and believe me it is (it held up in the area court), then why the hell can’t a fine woman like yourself do the same?! Now I’m not trying to get all worked up here, but I should admit I’ve been spanking my meat in public parks since ’64. Times have changed but I haven’t and it’s high time I saw a pair of tits in my local park! Look, the way I see it is, you chicks have been struggling for your rights for a real long time* and if these girls wanna let them out in public, who are we to stop them? Senator, I hope this note finds you well and I trust that you’ll consider all my points with the utmost seriousness.


*a decade, at least

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