Robin Thicke’s ‘Paula’ Album Review



If one great thing came out of Robin Thicke cheating on his wife Paula Patton, she leaving him, and his numerous attempts to win her back, it’s this record. ‘Paula’ is probably named after Thicke’s estranged wife and it is certainly one of his best works yet. As his seventh studio album, ‘Paula’ was released barely a year after ‘Blurred Lines.’

Thicke has come a long way since releasing singles, Lost Without U (2006), Can U Believe (2007), and Give It 2 U (2013). His latest proves to be a much more mature work with a tracklist that includes ‘Lock the Door’ and ‘Tippy Toes.’ This only serves as further proof that being sued by Marvin Gaye’s family for copyright infringement can truly change a man.

Another point of interest with ‘Paula’ is the album cover. Robin Thicke’s body is highlighted in the colors of the Rastafari movement. What does this suggest? Was Thicke greatly influenced by Bob Marley on this record. Did he smoke a ton of weed while recording this album? Probably.

One thing is for sure though; Robin Thicke is desperate, but doesn’t that add to the charm? His only single from this record is entitled ‘Get Her Back.’ The chorus starts with, “I gotta get her go, get her go, get her go, get her back.” Poetic. Paula Patton should really take the hint. I mean, really?? What is she dumb?

This album is beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful. It starts out on top and ends in the same exact place (on top). To fully understand how much I enjoyed this record, please read the rest of this sentence, I loved it! If you have a problem with that or any of my other very biased, very correct opinions on this masterpiece you can take it up with my manager. You can contact him at (888) 511-6443. Good day.

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