My Letter of Resignation From the Outback Steakhouse in Wilton, CT



Cast of Characters and Transcription:


Corey: Caucasian General Manager (Former College Baseball Player)

Scotty: Assistant Manager (Also Caucasian)

Chivo: Hispanic Kitchen Manager

Ramon: Very Mean Line Cook (Also Hispanic)


To Whom It May Concern,

Two weeks from today (Feb. 24) is the last day that I will be available to work at Outback Steakhouse in Wilton, CT. I have accepted a higher paying position at a food establishment located much closer to my place of residence. Corey, your cool demeanor and musky scent will live on in my memory long after I have forgotten the sound of your voice.* Scotty, you are a gentle man and I envy your cool temperament in stressful situations. Chivo, if that really is your name, you will not be able to understand this. (I mean emotionally). I do take solace in the knowledge that if it were not to work out at this new location I would be welcomed back at Outback with warm and non-judging embraces. I love you all (except Ramon.)

Yours Truly,

Jameson Doris


*I also toyed with the idea of mentioning the fact that his scent reminded me of roaming through fields of lilac. (I decided against this decision.)

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