My College Essay

I was accepted to the University of Connecticut*

I’m sure you’ve heard the story of how “I wanted to do this ever since I was little” a million and one times, so I’m not going to tell it to you again. The fact is I’ve never known what I wanted to do and I still don’t, even today. The only other things that haven’t changed are my desire to write and my need to be different.

Now that I successfully have you hooked, let me tell you why I want to transfer to the University of Connecticut Stamford campus.

Firstly, it has to do with location, location, location, as they say in banking, or medicine, or real estate, or some other field that could possibly be more boring than one of these? Law?

I live in Norwalk, Connecticut, so for an easy commute and for a state school that is in my state, the first place I looked to was the University of Connecticut, naturally. When I discovered there was a campus in Stamford (a town over from Norwalk) you can only imagine my excitement.

Another reason for my great interest in UConn certainly has to do with financial reasons. Being so close to where I live, I will not have to pay room and board. I will be living with my kind mother of whom I am related to. Although this will have a negative effect on my love life it will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the weight and depth of my wallet.

Lastly, the Stamford campus offers a Bachelors program in English which is the major I want to major in, majorly. I am expecting a great challenge in taking on the coursework at UConn, but I am prepared and can speak the language with great fluency.

I must admit, that last part was a bit of a joke, but I do speak English fluently. That is a fact.

I do hope to gain a much rounder and broader knowledge of English; writing, reading, et cetera.

Yes, I know how to write out the long version of etc. If that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will. You should know, however that the idea of becoming an English teacher is not satisfactory to me; for this has long been the stereotype of the career path of English majors.

I want nothing more than to become a writer in any capacity, as long as I can make a living at it.

Thank you for your consideration.

-Jameson Doris


*this is a fact

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