Scorsese Introduces Us to the Wolf

The Wolf of Wall Street is due out midway through this November on the 15th

The newly released trailer for Martin Scorsese’s upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street pulses with the words of Kanye West’s song Black Skinhead, “I’m aware I’m a wolf, soon as the moon hit.”

West’s new album Yeezus was released the same day as the trailer for Scorsese’s film.

The Wolf of Wall Street is the first film directed by Scorsese to feature Leonardo DiCaprio since 2010’s slightly-disappointing Shutter Island and the first film since 2006’s The Departed to garner this much hype and premature excitement.

After winning multiple Academy Awards for The Departed in 2007, including Best Picture and Best Director, Scorsese began to sway. He released a few documentaries that were well received, but in 2011 he did something that no one  saw coming. Scorsese directed a children’s film.

Well, that was how it was perceived anyway. It was really a chance for him to pay homage to another director, the prolific French innovator of special effects, Georges Méliès. This film won a handful of Oscars and full grown people enjoyed it even though it was also in 3D.

The Wolf of Wall Street marks the fifth collaboration between Scorsese, 70, and DiCaprio, 38, who first worked together on 2002’s Gangs of New York. The film also marks the first time Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey have appeared in a Scorsese film.

Despite Wolf being labeled a black comedy, this marks the second role that Jonah Hill has taken on in a more dramatic role, the first being Moneyball (2011) for which he was nominated for an Academy Award.

After starring in a string of terribly received romantic comedies, McConaughey has moved toward more critically acclaimed roles in films such as Killer Joe (2011) and Mud (2012). The Wolf of Wall Street is no exception for him.

The film, which is based on a memoir of the same name by Jordan Belfort, also features Jean Dujardin who starred in the sleeper hit of 2011 The Artist.

Based on Belfort’s life, Scorsese tells his story of being a New York stockbroker in the 90’s and gets convicted of crimes related to corruption on Wall Street and that’s really all I feel comfortable giving away about the plot of the film.

Filming took place on location in New York and was written by the screenwriter for Boardwalk Empire. The film is rated R for sexual content/nudity, language, some violence, and partying.

-Jameson Doris

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