Kanye Gets Even Darker On His Latest Album

West’s new record ‘Yeezus’ leaked yesterday, but I won’t tell you if I found it good or bad 

Kanye West’s sixth studio album Yeezus is very good. Just as ambitious as 2010’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, this year’s album may be considered even darker.

West was born in Atlanta, GA on June 8th in 1977. However, he lived with his family in the suburbs on Chicago for most of his childhood, a fact that is referenced several times in Yeezus.

And although this album is much closer to West’s roots, with shades of College Dropout (2004) and Chi-Town references, these examples are still sparse in the final product that is Yeezus.

The biggest news so far that has emerged in the telling of the story of Yeezus is how Kanye West used EDM (electronic dance music) throughout. That isn’t fair though, because his use of dancehall is just as eclectic.

‘Dancehall’ being a genre of music that originated in Jamaica in the late 1970’s. With roots in Reggae, this style of music became digitized during the mid 1980’s.

This more modern version of dancehall, which not surprisingly gained popularity in Jamaican dance halls, is what heavily influenced West on Yeezus.

Really the news that West used EDM in his latest album should be its least shocking facet. It was reported very early on that Daft Punk had collaborated on the effort.

Less than a week after Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories came out West announced that he too was going to release an album, perfectly timed after the hype over RAM had died down.

He had quietly been writing and recording for some time now and his means to promote Yeezus over the past month have been quite interesting as well.

Doing secret performances before his big SNL and Governors Ball shows, in a semi-transparent pyramid in smaller clubs in Manhattan and projecting himself on the sides of buildings all over the world singing his first single New Slaves,’ which also features Frank Ocean.

Every aspect of Yeezus is incredibly ambitious from production to promotion, even to the cray album artwork.

And if you can get past the massive amounts of arrogance West exudes in comparing himself to Jesus in his lyrics and his album title, you will be pleasantly surprised.

-Jameson Doris

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