Ryan Gosling Plays Drug Smuggler Next

Only God Forgives is set for a July 19th release, also I won’t spoil anything really

Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest film Only God Forgives takes place in Bangkok, Thailand but was screened this month in Cannes, France as part of the Cannes Film Festival.

Ryan Gosling stars as Julian, a man who has been on the run after killing a cop ten years ago. He’s now managing a boxing club in Bangkok which he uses merely as a front for his drug dealing.

Refn, 42, is a Danish filmmaker who only recently has gained acclaim in the states as a box office contender with his last two films.

Bronson (2008) which centers around “the most dangerous criminal in Britain,” Charles Bronson played by a frightening Tom Hardy who you may remember from The Dark Knight Rises (2012) in which he played Bane.

As well as 2011’s surprise hit, Drive. Gosling starred in this film as well. Playing a mysterious garage mechanic who also is a Hollywood stuntman and getaway driver on the side. Refn gained widespread auteur notoriety following this star-studded effort.

This summer’s Only God Forgives will feature Oscar-nominated Kristin Scott Thomas who, gathering from the trailer, will be playing Gosling’s mother. A seasoned, British actress, Thomas has appeared in such films as The English Patient (1996) and Mission: Impossible (1996).

The film will also feature Thai pop star, Yayaying Rhatha Phongam (Ying for short) playing a character by the same name. Relatively new to acting in films, Ying has only one other feature under her belt, last year’s Jan Dara the Beginning, which was based on an erotic novel.

And as I promised, I won’t ruin anything as far as the plot is concerned, but rest assured knowing that in the film a prostitute dies, there is some revenge, and theres certainly a lot of blood.

Filming took place on location in Bangkok, Thailand with Gosling replacing British actor Luke Evans. The film is still not rated, but believe me, it will be rated R.

-Jameson Doris

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