John Mayer’s New Record Due This Summer

“Not a Born and Raised ‘plus’…”

This March, fans of John Mayer got a taste of what’s to come on his upcoming Born and Raised tour when he performed the new song Dear Marie during the Google+ Hangout. A song which is likely to appear on his new yet-to-be-titled sixth studio album.

In collaboration with Billboard Magazine, he used the live stream on Google, which was wracked with technical difficulties, to make the big announcement of his first tour dates to come in years, as well as to discuss his medical difficulties over that time and to promise “a lot more music” to come. However, in his first two shows since then, in Tuscaloosa and at the New Orleans Jazz Festival, all the audience got were a few covers.

Covers of songs he’s never covered before but covers nonetheless. Got My Mojo Working by Muddy Waters and Can’t Find My Way Home by Blind Faith were played by Mayer at both concerts in addition to two Grateful Dead songs which were heard at the Jazz Fest. They were beautiful but they were not new and what the fans want is new.

This summer Mayer will embark on an international tour and will release his sixth studio album. The wait is over.

Born and Raised, Mayer’s fifth studio album, was released nearly a year ago and since then he’s barely made a peep, in stark contrast to the commercial aftermath of his last album, Battle Studies. Sidelined by a series of throat issues, Mayer was unable to tour with his newest effort and subsequently retreated to his new home in Montana. The same house that he likely wrote much of the material that will appear on his next album.

In a post today on his blog, One Forty Plus, Mayer announced that his new record will be released some time this coming summer, “a new group of songs to bring the whole thing up to date with Summer 2013.” Mayer has an enormous desire to get back on the horse as is even evident in the short post, but he’s getting back in the saddle, “a little at a time.” Fans just have to wait two more months when Mayer will embark on this new journey this July, he captures a collective feeling when he says, “see you all soon.”

-Jameson Doris

JM’s blog post:

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